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Summer Vacation Giveaway!

We love the European way of life! So healthy, while also so… indulgent? Now you can indulge this summer without ever leaving your house (Hey, a little indulgence can be good for your health!), with these two amazing reads. Take a culinary trip to Paris, with David Lebovitz with The Sweet Life in Paris, and travel to Northern Italy with the one and only, Frances Mayes, with Every Day in Tuscany. Croissants, macarons, and copious amounts of pasta not included.

Just tweet @booksforbetter with where YOU want to go this summer, and one random winner will win copies of both books.

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Catch Jillian Michaels on your Local Radio Station!

Full Schedule Below

10:00-10:05 tape    Miami, FL
10:05-10:10 tape    Charlotte, NC
10:10-10:15 tape    Chicago, IL (FOX)
10:14-10:19 tape    Boston, MA
10:20-10:25 tape     Albuquerque, NM
10:30-10:35 tape    Detroit, MI
10:35-10:40 tape    Columbia, SC
10:44-10:49 Live    Seattle, WA
10:49-10:54 digital    AOL
11:00-11:05 tape    Tampa, FL
11:05-11:10 tape    Portland, ME
11:10-11:15 tape    Denver, CO (NBC)
11:17-11:22 Live     Denver, CO (FOX)
11:24-11:29 Live    Sacramento, CA
11:30-11:35 tape    St. Louis, MO
11:38-11:43 tape        Phoenix, AZ
11:45-11:50 Live    Hartford, CT
11:50-11:55 tape        Chico, CA
11:55-12:00 tape    Casper, WY
12:05-12:10 digital    AP TV
12:11-12:16 Live    Montgomery, AL
12:16-12:21 Live    Baltimore, MD
12:23-12:28 Live    Minneapolis, MN
12:30-12:35 tape    Waterloo, IA
12:35-12:40 Live   Jacksonville, FL
12:40-12:45 digital
12:45-12:50 digital    Stars Entertainment
12:50-12:55 digital    MSN TV
12:58-1:03  radio    Ron Seggi Show